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The Best Real Estate Advice in Pattaya

We have built our company on transparency and trust. This can be difficult to come by in the real estate industry. We are also British owned and managed, so we know the importance of due diligence and due care in property sales and rentals.

We have a team that understands what our local and international clients want when buying or renting a condo, house or villa in Pattaya. We pride ourselves on providing after-sales and rentals support. We concentrate on you, and what you want - after all, we’re here to help.

Talk to us today, whether you are looking for your dream home or want a viable investment opportunity.

We have over 30 years of combined experience when selling and renting properties in and around Pattaya. Our team will offer you the best advice based on your demands and needs and ensure a stress-free experience from start to finish.

Whether your chosen property is a condo, house or villa, our independent database includes thousands of listings in the primary and secondary Pattaya property markets, so we will always find something that suits you.

We are not affiliated with any one property developer, but we do have professional working relationships with them, and this allows us to agree flexible, interest-free payment plans; your property in Pattaya could be closer than you think.